Yesterday, I dressed and prettied up, heart fluttering all the while, because that afternoon I had an interview with Point Loma University. I know that was a quick turnaround. Last post was about conception struggles and now I'm interviewing with a university? Let me back up and explain... As John and I have faced struggles... Continue Reading →

Just relax

Throughout my pubescent and post pubescent life I have been told over and over again how to prevent pregnancy, that women can get pregnant at any point, no time is 'safe.' Statistically speaking, yes all this is true. The implication, however, that women can get pregnant quickly and at any point, is hard to get... Continue Reading →

Weight loss

A month ago my husband updated his phone and suddenly he could sync his Garmin Vivofit to hisWindows phone. This prompted him to download a calorie tracking app and our journey to weight loss began! He had talked about needing to lose weight and I knew I was reaching dangerous territory. My body was unhappy... Continue Reading →

Choices, choices

Things come and go, change is inevitable and all around. Sometimes we fight it, sometimes we run alongside it and hope it doesn't overwhelm us. Despite this, we encounter choices everyday and are obligated to make decisions, even if that decision is to remain stagnant. My husband and I recently decided to try to get... Continue Reading →

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