Choices, choices

Things come and go, change is inevitable and all around. Sometimes we fight it, sometimes we run alongside it and hope it doesn’t overwhelm us. Despite this, we encounter choices everyday and are obligated to make decisions, even if that decision is to remain stagnant.
My husband and I recently decided to try to get pregnant. This came after a decision for me to leave full time work. Whew. Big things. Big choices. Big changes. Were we ready? Emotionally? Financially?
Three months later… Nothing. We have a bathroom trashcan full of negative pregnancy tests. We… may not have to worry about being ready.
Join me, through this blog, as we embark on a journey. I don’t know where it leads, if there’s a happy ending, but perhaps there is some beauty in not knowing. Through ups and downs, I’ll let you in, to our story, a story I hope you relate to, a story that just maybe, can bring you and my small family some hope.


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