Weight loss

A month ago my husband updated his phone and suddenly he could sync his Garmin Vivofit to hisWindows phone. This prompted him to download a calorie tracking app and our journey to weight loss began!

He had talked about needing to lose weight and I knew I was reaching dangerous territory. My body was unhappy with me and I worried that it might impede our chances of conceiving. I downloaded the app and we began working together to cut calories and get healthy.

The first week was frustrating. Like usual, I found myself focused on eating less and disappointed by the number on the scale. No change. Familiar thoughts began to pop up: is it even possible for me to lose weight unless I starve myself? How much less must I eat? He’s losing why can’t I? The doubts came pouring in and I had many a day that I threw my hands up and gave up only to track the calories and keep going the next day.

The pounds did begin to shed. As if this morning (though it can and will fluctuate) I have lost 10 pounds! But it took forever to see results and as I watched my husband lose 12 pounds, I had to remind myself to feel happy for him. He has less to go, less to lose, but we’re doing it, together.

You have to really trust that the formula works: eat less than you burn, eat less than the app tells you to and you will lose weight. It doesn’t always feel like it works, but everyday I have stepped on that scale and seen a smaller number has reinforced that rule. I cling to that understanding to keep me going. That and my husband’s proud gaze.


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