Yesterday, I dressed and prettied up, heart fluttering all the while, because that afternoon I had an interview with Point Loma University.

I know that was a quick turnaround. Last post was about conception struggles and now I’m interviewing with a university? Let me back up and explain…

As John and I have faced struggles since January, I realized that I might need to prepare for the scenario in which I may not conceive until next year if at all. Disappointing as that realization was, it wasn’t the end. In fact, it was a beginning.

About a month ago, my former physics teacher met my high school friend and I when she was in town. She turned to me, after inquiring about how tutoring was going, excitement growing on her face: “Are you credentialed?” “No.” “Have your CSETS? No? Get them! We have openings at school! You can do the internship program…!”

Suddenly, the idea of teaching wasn’t some far off possibility, it was an opportunity to be grabbed fairly soon if I played my cards right. It sparked discussion with my husband and eventually we decided that I should pursue this opportunity and ultimately to go back to school at get my credential.

So, a CSET (we find out in a couple weeks if I passed) and a flurry of applications later, I found myself scheduled for an interview with Point Loma.

I’m not sure how much an interview and more an advisement appointment it was. I answered questions about myself and my five to ten year plan as well as my thoughts on education. A mini interview perhaps.

I left yesterday with a schedule and a list of things to do as I wait for my acceptance email. I’m going back to school… On my own dime and volition. I’m fairly amazed… So, here I go on a new chapter of my life. At the end of this short part I hope to be teaching math in high school, helping to provide for us now and for our families future.

On that note, we’re still on the parenthood path but not actively trying. We both trust in God’s plan for us and if something happens, if we conceive this month, we will be glad and excited. If not, we will be at peace, because as I do this, we will be set up to provide the life that we want for our family and our children.

Here’s to the future. In the words of a beloved character from the mind of MacHale, “Hobey ho!”


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