It's been awhile. I'm sorry for the long break in writing, a lot and yet not a lot has happened to inspire a post but here's an update! I finished my book! All words are written and down, it is done! All it needs now is editing and I'm intentionally waiting to edit to give... Continue Reading →


Calling your friend to discuss who to kill. Realizing that you are in public. Quickly reassuring everyone that you are a writer. Laughing with your friend who knows. ‪#‎ilovewriting‬‪#‎mustdecidewhodies‬‪#‎lovemycharacters‬‪#‎butivegottadoit‬‪#‎youdieyoudieyoudie‬‪#‎besadreaders‬!


As some of you know, I am in the process of writing a book. I have been for years and while I love it and can't wait to be finished, sometimes I feel really embarrassed by it. I know why. The subject matter at face value is seemingly childish and the majority of the adults... Continue Reading →

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