It’s been awhile. I’m sorry for the long break in writing, a lot and yet not a lot has happened to inspire a post but here’s an update!

I finished my book! All words are written and down, it is done! All it needs now is editing and I’m intentionally waiting to edit to give it some time to breathe. Soon I shall grammar edit it and be looking for people to read and comment. This is huge. I’ve been writing this book since 8th grade. I can’t believe it’s finished! Silver, Silk, Draconis, Nailan… Their stories told!

I also started school! Tonight I have my second class of the week and one of the best things about that is school supply shopping. I’m not sure why, but getting notebooks and pens and pencils and planners is so satisfying and exciting. Perhaps the blank pages spell the possibilities of what is to come of the endless things that can be accomplished and learned. It excites me!

I can’t wait to see what this journey has to offer! I am excited and productive. I only hope that productivity lasts throughout the quad and the following terms. I usually start out strong then settle into contented mediocrity. But I want to do well. I can do well. I shall do well. I will learn all I can and must to be the most effective teacher possible. For the best way to do anything is to make use of all possible resources.

Of course this is the beginning. Optimism is my calling card. Hope with me that it continues to bode well for me. Hope hard.


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