Almost a year…?

Wow… I stink at this. As I’ve told others, part of what I have such a hard time with when it comes to writing a blog is feeling like I have something important to say. So time passes and I realize that everything I’ve done feels… less than noteworthy. That being said, a lot has happened this year…

  1. I became a teacher! This was, I believe, the biggest change in our lives and has really worn me out as far as creative writing is concerned. I set out in May of 2016 to become a teacher, not expecting to get hired so soon, though I applied and applied. It appeared that every job wanted a little more experience, a little more qualified, more of what I just did not have. Finally, however, I was given an opportunity to fill in at a local Jr. High. Not the grades I had been hoping to teach, but it was a job! I loved it! Now I’m teaching in high school and while the grading is keeping me down, I am loving being a high school teacher and working to perfect my trade!
  2. We adopted a second dog! This happened in October of last year. When we did adopt our wonderful Koda, I was so nervous to tell anyone about him because of the problems we had with Nala. That, which I covered in a previous blog post, was so hard and made me feel like a failure as a dog owner. It just 17904319_10212376175584742_1066880365840357002_ndidn’t work. She did not mesh with our family and it was a terrible realization to come to. Koda, on the other hand, has been wonderful! He is a Husky of some sort (too big to be a Siberian and too small to be a Malamute) and meshes with our family perfectly. I may elaborate on his story in a later blog post if interest arises.
  3. I self-published a short story which you can buy on Amazon Kindle here! You can also find it in my longer collection Strivings for Creativity that I published last night! Also available on Amazon as a paperback or ebook.
  4. We extended our patio and fixed our concrete outside to create a beautiful backyard ‘scape. I do not have a green thumb so maintaining it is a challenge, but I love watching the trees and plants grow while sitting on our couch.

Those are the big things. I hope to figure out how to actually write in this blog. Perhaps I need one of those gimmicks like writing about something based off of a letter in the alphabet… I don’t know. I should figure it out. I need to get back to creating though. Both creativity and math are so important to me, I have to feed both!



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