Weekly Short Story Contest–Disorder

Well, life keeps happening. That and I can’t always think of what to write about. I’ve started to try and write stories from my world with my characters. Here is one such story:


Sidarcno, or Sid as he was called by his mom, ran his fingers through his thick, jet black hair. He was tall for a Draconian, his bi-colored eyes, in his case black and red, naming him a part of the race of dragons in Lasrevinu, but he carried himself slightly slouched, rounding his shoulders, as if to make himself smaller or less noticeable. It was his first year at the Academy, a school for talented young creatures and humans alike and he would likely be the only Draconian. His mother had tried to convince him to go to the Dracaris Academy closer to home where everyone from his primary school had gone to, but he did not want anything to do with other Draconians. At least not for a long while. They could stick their pretentious school up their Nai-forsaken asses for all he cared. What did it matter that other creatures, Light Wolves, elves, Light Humans, Werewolves and Shapeshifters, Polivorn, would be studying alongside him? Who was to say that they weren’t just as intelligent and capable as Draconians?

Shaking his head, he tried to clear his thoughts so he could take in his surroundings. He had already been shown his room, a small space that he would share with one other student this year, and was trying to get a sense of the campus before classes started the next day. It was hard to shake off his thoughts, however, and they came bouncing back, clouding his mind and making it difficult to focus through the disorder in his mind. He was extremely happy to be away from his home and from his family, but the new environment kept him off balance.

“Hey! Buddy!”

The voice sliced through the fog in his mind and he turned to see a bright white Light Wolf standing behind him. Sid had heard of Light Wolves, even seen pictures of them in his school books, but never in person. The sight was frankly incredible. Light Wolves were interesting creatures, they were essentially wolves but they stood on their hind legs and wore clothes like most of the humanoids in Lasrevinu. Their front paws had adapted to need to hold and grab objects so they had opposable thumbs in place of a dew claw and their front toes, or at this point, Sid thought, fingers, were long. They still had fur covering their entire bodies and bushy tails they had to accommodate for in their clothing choices. Additionally to the fur and the claws and the teeth, Light Wolves had the ability to use Light Power, a force that allowed them to heal, to shoot balls of light from their paws. Well, that was as much as Sid knew. Draconians didn’t have any Power, Light or Dark, instead they could transform into dragons and move things with their minds. Which, Sid thought, was way cooler than making a Light Ball.

This Light Wolf had on a light brown tunic that fell to his knees and was buckled with a woven leather belt. He also had dark brown, or possibly even black, trousers that were gathered at the cuffs around the Light Wolf’s heel.

“Hi, buddy.” Sid responded, turning fully to face the Light Wolf, “Can I help you?”

“Oh, well not really. The Rooms Master pointed you out. I think we are roommates. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Zaiver White!” the Light Wolf said, sticking out his paw.

“Ah.” Sid stared at the proffered paw for a long minute before finally taking it, suppressing a gasp at the softness of Zaiver’s fur, “I’m Sidarcno Zauber. Everyone calls me Sid, though.”

“Nice to meet you!” Zaiver said, his mouth opening in what Sid could only describe as a smile, “Have you explored campus much yet?”

“No. I just barely got my stuff put in the room…” Sid hooked his fingers into his belt and frowned, wondering what the socially acceptable thing was to say next, “Um, have you?”

“No! Should we go check it out? I’m taking ancient philosophy, Wolves,  Light Wolves and Werewolves a History, and Modern Physicality. The rooms are over by the library, wanna start there?” Zaiver’s golden eyes twinkled.

“Sure…” Sid said, still not sure how to act. He had left a terrible homelife to come here and had spent most of his childhood in fear of his father. To have this exuberant roommate was simultaneously uncomfortable and comforting. At least he would have someone to follow around a while. Maybe, then, this Light Wolf would help Sid find some order in his tumultuous and otherwise disorderly life.

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