The King’s Elite Review

Elliot Kay is a Christian fantasy author who believes that biblical truths can be found anywhere and everywhere. This indeed holds true in his book The King’s Elite. In his narrative, Kay explores wisdom, prophecy, truth, loyalty and friendship. Ultimately, all these are tested in the characters as they struggle to overcome distrust and lies that grow around them. King Alderman must decide if he should believe what he knows is true about his most trusted servants or if he should believe the prophecies concerning them.

The cast of characters in The King’s Elite is varied and engaging. Knights and thespians and councilors of all ages and backgrounds. Kay hints at backstories littered with broken homes, alcoholism, and disappointment and that helps flesh out his characters. However, I was not sure who to root for. I found King Alderman to be distasteful and confusing as he constantly flopped from standing by his men to condemning them. I could not understand how he had been elected king over Averlace and I also was not sure if the Syndicate were really the bad guys after all until the end. Even so, I could see a case made on their behalf.

That being said, Kay told an engaging story and I did want to see how things turned out. I became invested in the King’s Elite, even if I did not like the King, and ultimately enjoyed reading the book, despite my serious reservations. I also applaud Kay for weaving in biblical themes throughout his story. I hope he continues to write as called.


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