#bookspotlight: Kavik the Wolf Dog

This was one of if not the first boy and his dog books that I encountered growing up. My 2nd grade teacher read this to us during storytime and I fell in love. I believe I had already developed a love of wolves and now I was hearing a story all about a boy who got to have a wolf as a pet! I listened, enraptured, as the tale unfolded of the best wolf dog who was eventually taken from his owner. Resolute and uncaring as to why he had been taken south, Kavik turned his nose north and travelled 2,000 miles to find his boy.

This book instilled in me a love of “North” and dogs and wolves so deeply that whenever I “ran away,” I always headed north. To this day, my favorite animal is a wolf and my characters have grown from that love to become Silver and Asher and Talon and Old White. So today, on my #bookspotlight, I honor Kavik! (I may have to read it again when I get home!)


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