White Fang by Jack London

In elementary school, I happened (or my parents supplied, I’m not quite sure how this novel came into my life) upon this book by Jack London. In it, a wolf pup grows up in the harsh Alaskan environment. He learns the law of man and beast quickly and is soon the fiercest wolf dog in the whole north. But then, he learns a new law, the best law. The law of love. Through this law, he finally is able to rest. This book helped foster my love of both wolves and reading and I reread it even now as an adult often, reveling in the narrative of brutality and love changing the course of White Fang.

(Also. Spoiler Alert. White Fanging is not a thing. It is a stupid adaptation for the movie that did not exist in the book. Even the new Netflix movie had this stupid plot device of the man graciously and selflessly relinquishing White Fang to the wild. This. Did. Not. Happen. Period. Nope. Nope. Nope. He (again, spoiler alert) gets to go to California and live with the judge’s family and father puppies. Don’t. Take. That. From. Him. He deserves all the happiness! The precious White Fang. But no. Stupid movie directors have to “call of the wild” him and force him to want to go into the woods. He LOVES his final master. The master of love. He stopped eating when he went away he loves his master so much! 😡😡😡 Stop mixing up London books. Buck in Call of the Wild is happier in the wild. Not White Fang.)

(Okay. Rant over. I love this book… Can you tell?)


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