Review of Debbie Chase’s Book

Confessions of a Pet Sitter by Debbie Chase Confessions of a Pet Sitter by Debbie Chase is a children’s book set in the English countryside. Dogs Rolo, Barbie, and Sharpie are in for the surprise of their lives when their “pets” go off in holiday leaving them in the dubious hands of a man, woman... Continue Reading →


What was the first book to make you cry? I am not sure what was the first exactly. I do know what book made me cry on a reread. I lay in my loft bed clutching the pages, the words swimming in front of me. Old Dan and Little Ann are staring down the cougar... Continue Reading →

Every Last Psycho Review

Every Last Psycho is a collection of two novellas by Zarina Macha, a British author based in London. As an American reader, it was extremely interesting to read the characters’ inflections and diction as well as get a glimpse into the university and schooling systems. In both novellas, the narrator is in school preparing and... Continue Reading →

Desert Jade Review

Five stars Desert Jade by C. J. Shane takes place in Arizona, mostly in the Tucson area. It begins, however, in the desert, following a woman attempting to find work in America after being led across the border by a coyote. She is dehydrated and lost and in desperate need of saving. Letty Valdez is... Continue Reading →

Pricing and Font

Recently, I have increased the font size for the print version of my book. Amazon had set it to a font that many people remarked was very small and when I did some research, I discovered that the minimum font for a novel should be in and around 10pt. So I changed it. This has... Continue Reading →

Here is a drawing of Scratt as a young creature. He was born with rat genes showing in his teeth, nose and ears. His father took that as proof that his mother was unfaithful and beat Scratt often. This led Scratt to seeking any power possible to stop his father. He found it. He obeyed... Continue Reading →

Interview with Lauren Alder

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Lauren Adler, author of the adult Sci-Fi novel The Codex of Desire. Below you’ll find her answers to questions about her writing process as well as her books and upcoming projects. C.M. Fritzen: Is being a writer a gift or a curse? Lauren Adler: I only feel... Continue Reading →

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