Review of Debbie Chase’s Book

Confessions of a Pet Sitter by Debbie Chase

Confessions of a Pet Sitter by Debbie Chase is a children’s book set in the English countryside. Dogs Rolo, Barbie, and Sharpie are in for the surprise of their lives when their “pets” go off in holiday leaving them in the dubious hands of a man, woman and child that remain nameless for the entirety of the book. Rolo is not pleased with his turn if fortune and calls meeting after meeting with the various animals about the property. The reader meets a slew of cats, dogs and horses and learns of the perils of “Droolies.”

Chase’s book seems best suited for early elementary school students and could very well stand in for the first or second chapter book a student reads. However, I found that her use of ellipses and asides grew tiresome quickly and despite being intrigued by the subject, I struggled to finish this 118 page book. I struggled to understand why it was Confessions of a Pet-Sitter when the dogs are never described as such and while they are watched by pet sitters, they refer to their humans as pets. This in consistency made it hard for me to concentrate. Additionally, Rolo was very concerned, but there seemed no reason for him to worry about the man, woman and girl. The conflicts seemed forced and the plot points rushed.

I liked the idea of this book, but not the execution.


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