Editing never ceases

I wish I could say that everything was perfect with the book launch and with the book itself. It wasn’t, and I have learned a lot about this process including that editing and perfecting one’s craft can never cease.

One thing that occurred through reading the reviews that my book has gotten so far is I noticed that I still have some editing issues. This is frustrating for me and I suspect for readers of the book especially because I did pay for a professional editor. Having to comb through the book again is time-consuming and frustrating but it is my goal to have the best version of my story out for you, my readers.

So today I will be uploading a new e-book version of The Promise and will continue working through it to make sure that it is perfect. Once I am 90 to 95% sure that it is fully done I will be also be releasing another edition of the paperback version.

Edits thus far:

  • Addition of the series name: The Lasrevinu Chronicles
  • Changing pouring to poring as needed. (I used it incorrectly 3 times!)
  • Edit of chapter one to decrease the telling and working to incorporate more showing. (It just was so stiff and to have that as chapter one?!?!? C’mon Fritzen!)

New news (haha)

I am about halfway through the sequel Legacy and if I stick to my writing schedule I should be ready to edit starting in the summer and looking for beta readers.

I am also looking for a way to increase traffic here and on Facebook so I will be figuring out how to release a few chapters for free for those who join my mailing list and/or follow on facebook.

My plan is to also create some giveaway items such as bookmarks and postcards and prints of my original work for you my dear readers and followers. Look for them in spring/summer of this year!

And, personal news time, we have moved across the country and are settling into our new routines. I am working part time which is giving me time to write (if I use it) and my hubby is enjoying his new job!



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