June writing prompts

June 1st: The screen flickered, and then he was gone.

She sat back, her eyes narrowed as she surveyed the monitor. Did that really just happen? Forefinger and thumb rubbed the bridge of her nose, pushing up her glasses. “I need a drink.”

It was true, but it had been so long since any form of ale or mead had passed her lips that she didn’t know if she could stomach it. How else was she going to cope?

The low light flickering from a bulb hanging from a single wire on the ceiling illuminated her green eyes, causing them to glow. Her hair was cropped short so her pointed ears were clearly visible. Not like anyone was there to see them. She was a Draconian, one of the last in Asrevu. The other, her father, had just disappeared on the screen. And she was stuck in this Nai-forsaken room!

She rose from the padded leather desk chair, resisting an urge to smash the monitor and the computer unit attached. If she did that, she was never getting out of here, that was certain. How long had it been? Days? Weeks? Months? “No, you miserable newch. Years!” she berated herself, grabbing her hair in her hands.

Her father had been in contact with her since the beginning. He had told her she needed to hide and he had built the perfect bunker for her. The wars had grown larger, more intense, with the non-Powers creating more powerful weapons. He wasn’t sure if any of the creatures or Powered Humans would survive. It had happened so gradually, the war. First, she thought, was the acceptance of creatures across the continent. Intermarriages created more hybrids and creatures than she could count. It also, oddly, resulted in more non-Power births amoung Powered Humans. That hadn’t been too much of an issue. Sometime back when Naidow was still ruled by Light Humans, a Wolfkind had helped found the first inventor’s college. So many things had been discovered. Things that did not require any Power to fuel. They required sun or wind or water. Or the heat that burnt wood gave off. But anyone could use them. Even now, in her bunker, the light and the computer were powered by trislec, not Light or Dark or Dusk Power. She wouldn’t have been able to power anything if it wasn’t connected to the trislec grid anyway. Draconians didn’t have Power. But they were creatures. And so they were on the hit list of the non-Powered revolution.

Her father had just told her that the non-Powers had set off an explosion, high in the Racarys mountains. It had killed every living thing in a five-mile radius. He had told her that right before he…

Her green eyes widened and she ran back to the monitor, tapping the control board’s keys manically. “Come on, come back!” Had her monitor broken, or was it on his end? Please let it be hers! Please.

A whirring told her her computer was back. The monitor clicked and a backlit screen flashed. She tapped the icon that would open the communicator.

“Who would you like to call?” the speakers chirped.

“Jaquin Silvers.”

“Contact found. Calling.”

Thirty seconds passed.

“Error. Jaquin Silvers is unreachable. Would you like to make another call?”

She stared at the screen, unblinking, tuning out the communicator’s prompts. Had she seen her father’s last moments? Nai, she hoped not. “Please be okay,” she whispered.

“No contact named: be okay. Would you like to make another call?”



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