June 2nd

Sandwiched between pumpernickel on rye, she’d found her prize.

The beautiful meat, cheese, and pickle, all squashed between the fluffy brown bread, called to her. She felt her mouth fill with saliva as she envisioned biting into that wonderful sandwich. How could something so simple evoke such a visceral response in her? Slowly, she reached her hands forward, seeking to simply touch the wonderful object.


A shiver ran through her and her hair stood on end as she gasped and fell back onto her heels.

“That wasn’t nice,” she growled, eyes still glued on the sandwich.

“It isn’t nice to take what isn’t yours, now is it?” His voice was calm, measured. It made her hackles stand on end.

“But I’m hungry!” she whined, crouching forward so that her arms draped around her shins and her head rested on her left knee.

“And you shall have your prize. After.”

She pursed her lips. She knew what he wanted her to do and she still didn’t know if she was ready to do it. “I won’t want a sandwich after. I’ll want a deer. A whole cow.”

He chuckled and she heard his knuckles rap on the glass that separated them. “Come now. Wait too long and that sandwich will disappear.”

“I’ll make you disappear,” she grunted under breath.

Her stomach growled and she sighed as she rose, her long black hair falling about her face. Her skin was dark but her eyes were bright yellow, shining out against her skin. She wasn’t the only werewolf around, but certainly one of the only this man had seen. How she had been so stupid to be captured, she would never know. Werewolves kept to themselves, the only other creatures they deigned to spend any time with were Sunwolves and, well, wolves. The four-legged kind. These humans or whatever he was, were no use to a werewolf. They were weak and cowardly. Some wandered into werewolf territory on full moons just to get bit and turn into a werewolf. Well, they would live longer if they survived the turn and be granted access to the Nightforce all werewolves were blessed with. Her ancestors had told her it came from Asyeh centuries ago after whatever catastrophe that had killed more than seventy-five percent of the world’s population. That catastrophe had changed some wolves to Sunwolves, embued with Dayforce and the ability to walk and talk and behave like people. She didn’t know why they would want to, but she supposed it did have its advantages.

Humans seemed to be catching on to the changes in the creatures in their small corner of the world. She had heard that some could even use the Day or Nightforces. That made her cringe. She had thought those forces would have been reserved for wolves. Asyeh must have a reason, but whatever it was, she didn’t know.

“Girl! What are you doing? Get on with it!”

His voice cut through her thoughts and she snarled back at him, her pointed teeth showing. He made her so angry. She wanted nothing more than to escape and leave this wretched man far in her dust. For now she couldn’t and for now, she was hungry.

She closed her eyes and envisioned herself as a wolf, thick black fur, bright yellow eyes, a streak of brown fur running down her back to her tail. She felt her skin stretch and change, her bones creak and morph, until finally, she felt her front paws touch the cold stone floor.

Her eyes snapped open and glared at the man, her lips curling and her nose wrinkling. He smirked down at her in his little room behind the glass. Just let him enter. She would take care of him then. Just let him come in. Her teeth were laced with a poison that would paralyze him and let her escape. Did he think her helpless? She was not. Not by a long shot. No. But before she left, she would take her prize. That delicious sandwich. Let him shock her then.

URL- https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2019/06/01/june-writing-prompts-2/


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