Pricing and Font

Recently, I have increased the font size for the print version of my book. Amazon had set it to a font that many people remarked was very small and when I did some research, I discovered that the minimum font for a novel should be in and around 10pt. So I changed it. This has... Continue Reading →

Here is a drawing of Scratt as a young creature. He was born with rat genes showing in his teeth, nose and ears. His father took that as proof that his mother was unfaithful and beat Scratt often. This led Scratt to seeking any power possible to stop his father. He found it. He obeyed... Continue Reading →


Hey guys! So, I haven't made an email list before now, but I decided to make one with Mail Chimp and hopefully have added it to this site. (I can see it when I am customizing but not when I am visiting the site...) If you don't see the subscribe pop-up, you can always fill... Continue Reading →


Blearily I turned under the blanket, looking at the digital output of my analog clock, narrowing my eyes to focus on the hands of the clock. 6:45. I sighed and snoozed the alarm, rolling back away from the clocks, the phones, the responsibility. I tugged the blanket above my head and closed my eyes. 6:55.... Continue Reading →

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