If the person who named Walkie Talkies named other things…

My mother-in-law saw a post I shared on Facebook over this Easter weekend and took the idea and ran with it. I couldn't come up with these rhymes and she busted out almost 100 this weekend. Here is the list thus far: Jumping Spider= Creepy Leapy Polar Plunge= Nippy Dippy Vulture= Freaky Beaky Sofa Bed... Continue Reading →



Blearily I turned under the blanket, looking at the digital output of my analog clock, narrowing my eyes to focus on the hands of the clock. 6:45. I sighed and snoozed the alarm, rolling back away from the clocks, the phones, the responsibility. I tugged the blanket above my head and closed my eyes. 6:55.... Continue Reading →


**Response to the Daily Prompt. This is fiction. I couldn't believe it. Sitting there, my phone dangling in one hand, I couldn't believe it. I turned my head slowly and locked eyes with my husband. He looked away as quickly as my eyes found his, but he squeezed my hand in an attempt to show... Continue Reading →

Weekly Short Story Contest–Pattern

Meet Cute Zaiver tiredly ran a hand through his long, silver hair, tucking it reflexively behind his pointed ear. Another day in the life. He had been tasked with picking up Lord Draconis’s special jaf from town. This was not his least favorite task. He enjoyed the fresh air and being able to walk the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Short Story Contest–Radio

I have been very busy so I am sorry for not posting in awhile. Hope you like this story: Static and Silence "Come here!" she whispered sharply, motioning to him with her hand, fingers held tight. He rolled his eyes, but clambered over the broken concrete floor to her, careful to keep out of sight,... Continue Reading →

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