Where to buy my book!

If you have Kindle  or want a print version here is the link: The Promise.

For non-Kindle users, you can from Smashwords

The Promise by C. M. Fritzen

Silver White, half werewolf half Light Wolf, leaves home to avenge his father. Inexperienced and naive, he finds himself in the very clutches of the immortal he tried to kill and is soon sent on a mission that should spell his death. Along the way, Silver discovers who he is and the destiny that his creator has made for him. Join Silver as he embarks on this good versus evil tale unlike any you have seen before!The Promise is a fantasy story with many allegorical elements. Fritzen explores theology in her universe using similar methods as C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. However she hopes that anyone who delves between its pages can relate to her characters, regardless of theological preference. Her characters struggle with real life problems in a fantastical setting and realize they are never truly alone. For questions regarding this or any other of her work, you can contact C. M. Fritzen at cmfritzenbooks@gmail.com.

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