Weekly Short Story Contest–Doppelganger

I have one job. One. I walk the streets looking, watching, searching. Somewhere, I will find what I seek. Then my job can start. My searches lead me to many places and people. Despite this, I always know when I find it. Always. My feet barely touched the stone underfoot as I strode through the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Short Story Contest–Radio

I have been very busy so I am sorry for not posting in awhile. Hope you like this story: Static and Silence "Come here!" she whispered sharply, motioning to him with her hand, fingers held tight. He rolled his eyes, but clambered over the broken concrete floor to her, careful to keep out of sight,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Short Stories–Baby Steps

The wind blew cold across her cheeks as she sat against a tree, hugging her knees to her chest. Her eyes sightless studied the ground between her feet, looking for some meaning behind what had just happened. She painted a morose picture: her thick brown hair spilling over her shoulders, forming a sort of tent... Continue Reading →


As some of you know, I am in the process of writing a book. I have been for years and while I love it and can't wait to be finished, sometimes I feel really embarrassed by it. I know why. The subject matter at face value is seemingly childish and the majority of the adults... Continue Reading →

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