June 11

I couldn’t think of a story to go with this prompt, so I simply starting writing in stanzas.

June Writing Prompts

At the corner of 15th and 8th, she finally disappeared.
Into the mist she disappeared
Into the air she vanished
Where did she go?
He wondered sadly,
Would she come back?

Yes, she had said she would go away
Yes, she had told him she would go
But he never believed and he dared to hope
That they’d be together forever

Would she return?
He hoped and prayed
They’d had a wonderful time
He needed her
Needed her grace in his life

She made him feel alive
She gave him a reason to live
But she said she would not stay long
And she said she would leave
But he didn’t believe

Sadly he sank down to the ground
Afraid of the life he had now
How could he live without her?
How could he survive?

She was everything
All the good he had in life
He was nothing without her
And as the rain began to fall
His tears began to flow


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